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Blog Awards

I am sorry that I have got so behind with my blog awards – but not nearly as behind as some of you are in your posts!.

I will talk a little about this in class but in the meantime, congratulations to

  • Week 9 Jonathan
  • Week 10 Yanglong
  • Week 11 Simranjit

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Making a start on your project journey……

This week we begin exploring your ideas and thoughts on what might make a good project and what we need to do to create a proposal that will be accepted.  The hardest part is always trying to come up with a good idea and that is what I want to help you towards!  We will begin with some initial easy questions to help provide a focus and then start to explore one or more of your ideas in more depth.  This is the beginning of a piece of work which we will be working on for the next few weeks so it is important!

If for any reason you can’t make the class, I would suggest that you work through the two exercises linked from my class notes before the next class.

The class notes will be here later.

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Week 9 Reading an academic article

This week we will be spending almost all of the class on preparation for Assignment 2.

As there seems to have been some confusion last week with me being away, I am going to begin today with a recap of last weeks notes (apologies to those of you who have already done the work) and I will ask you to ensure you have found two academic articles.  One you will use for practice this week and the other for your assignment.

We will take a look at Assignment 2 and I will give you some tips that I think make it easier to deal with reading a paper as it is something that can be quite difficult and quite daunting.

I am then going to ask you to do an exercise in class that is related to reading and analyzing an academic paper that you have found. This will enable me to go over some of the areas that you find difficult or puzzling. I hope (and think!) you will find it useful.  The final write up from this article will be a blog post to be completed by next week.

The notes I will be using will be here.

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