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Week 7 Follow up

Thanks for the session today – just a couple of things to remind you of…

Assignment 2 Change of Date from May 5th – New date May 12th.

Don’t forget to email me the blog that you think should get the award for last week!

Thank you and see you next week 🙂


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Blog Award – Week 7

For some reason many of you decided it was holiday week as far as your blog was concerned! Remember you are expected to do at least one blog a week through the semester! Three people are well behind in their blogs and are putting their marks for Assignment 1 in jeopardy – I will try to contact those of you are in this situation later in the week.

It was good to see some interesting posts from some of you though – shout out to Jarad, Sarah, Katie and Prerna in particular.  Just remember that while it is good to record things that are of interest to you I would expect most of them to have some relationship to IT as that it the area you will be looking to create a project in.  In the early days it is good to follow up different areas but now is probably the time to start focusing in on the IT aspects of these areas.

I do want to draw attention to three great posts this week.  Alex wrote an excellent post on why projects fail and whether Agile methods might help avoid these failures, Amber has made an interesting start on an idea that could become a project for her and Becca (who has been doing some amazing research in her chosen area over the last few weeks) has provided a post full of tips on how to organise yourself when doing research (or any kind of major project). Well done all of you but a special congratulations to Becca for being Blogger of Week 7 and Amber on being a very close runner-up!


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