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Week 7 – Credible Evidence

This week we will continue to look at assessing credibility. We will start by finishing off the work we were doing last week on different research methods and then move on to look at finding information and assessing its credibility by considering its source.  There are a wide range of sources of information and we have already talked about some of them, but recognising what is likely to be credible and what may be biased or incorrect is difficult.  We have talked about looking to see if the methods used were appropriate and done well but there are other things we can look out for too, such as

  • how we found it
  • when it was written
  • who it was written by (expert, undergrad student,….)
  • where it was published or what type of ‘thing’ it is (book, article, blog)
  • what others have said about it (reviews)
  • whether others have used the information in their own work (citations)
  • how it is written (style)
We are going to start by looking at different sources of evidence or information and thinking about how credible*  they are!  Here’s the spreadsheet we will be using for this (available in class).
This often leads us to think about the difference between ‘academic’ or ‘research’ literature and general information which may be just opinion or anecdotal evidence.  Sometimes where we search can also have a bearing on the ‘credibility’ of what we find so we will begin to explore different ways of ‘searching’.
Notes will be here and the exercise for the blog post will be here.

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