Research Methods

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Research Approaches

Just a reminder that I asked you to find out about your designated topic for this week – I forgot to post the list again but here it is now!


  1. Secondary Research        Alka/DongChen
  2. Observational Research  Sarah/Prerna
  3. Exploratory Research      Simranjit /Lisa
  4. Case Study Research       David/Luke
  5. Experimental Research  Jaydon/Zuohao
  6. Discourse Analysis         Cody/Jared
  7. Action Research              Yanglong/Kai
  8. Design Science                Toby/JingBo
  9. Argumentative                Alex/Dejan
  10. Interview                         Bhoj/Weilong
  11. Survey                              Harry/Becca
  12. Randomised Controlled Trials  Jonathan/Brandon
  13. Meta-Analysis               Katie/Amber
  14. Focus Groups                 Sihan/James


For your topic I want you to answer these questions as an individual blog post (you can include links to other information or videos etc if you want):

  1. What is it ? (Short description of how it works)
  2. What kinds of questions/problems might it be useful for?
  3. How could it be used in IT research  (try to think of an example)?
  4. What are the strengths of the approach?
  5. What are the weaknesses of the approach?

All our work this week will be based on these so it is important that you come prepared! If you weren’t in class last week, please to check to see which one you have been allocated 🙂

Notes will be here later.

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