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Blog Award – Week 5

A bit disappointed in the number of blog posts this week –  a number of you are now in danger of losing marks on Assignment 1 for not having got your blog underway properly.  Remember you should be posting in your blog at least once a week and some weeks I would expect there to be more than that.  You need to put around one hours a week aside for updating your blog!  If you want to be considered for the blog award I need to have your post(s) in place by Tuesday lunchtime as I will be checking on a Tuesday afternoon.

Congratulations to those who have made a good start in creating a starting point for their areas of interest which could perhaps lead to a project.  A special shout out to Amber, Becca, Brandon and Jonathan for this and as always Alex is writing thoughtful and accurate posts about various items of interest.  A special thanks this week too, to Dejan for finding a really useful article on ontology and epistemology – I have noted it for use with future students.

The best post though this week has to be David’s essay on metaphor and how it shapes our lives – although based on a class in SYD701, the ideas are equally relevant to RES701 as David showed.  It is a thoughtful and insightful read and I would encourage all of you to take a look – Congratulations David – blogger of the week.

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Identifying the right approach……

Last week we talked about ontology and epistemology and the importance of these concepts to research that we do.  We talked about how it is important to identify what kind of knowledge you want to discover as that affects the way you go about looking for that knowledge.  Identifying the ontology and epistemology of our own, or others’, research is important as it underlies the choice of research method and the credibility of the results.  We will be doing quite a lot of work on this theme over the next few weeks and will start with an interesting activity (wait for class to find out more!)

At the start of the class I will make my notes visible here.

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