Research Methods

to support students enrolled in RES701

Difficult Concepts

For this week’s class I asked you to find out the meaning of, and think about these two terms:

  • Ontology
  • Epistemology

You could look them up in a dictionary or wikipedia and get the definition from there but I don’t think it will help you very much!  What I really wanted you to do is to try to find your own meaning for them as they relate to research  – this is often similar to the way the concepts are used in philosophy.  On your blogs I hoped to see your ideas of what you think these two terms refer to in the context of undertaking research through considering these questions.

  1. What is ontology? How is it relevant to research?
  2. What is espistemology? How is it relevant to research?
  3. What is the connection between ontology and epistemology in a research context?

These are hard questions I know !!  I didn’t expect you to find ‘perfect’ answers, I just wanted to start you thinking!  Exploring these questions and coming up with a framework that can guide much of our thinking for the rest of the course will be the focus of today’s class.

I will be posting the link to my notes here either during or after the class.


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