Research Methods

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Difficult questions

An important and fairly major part of this course is about establishing information that we can rely on and then understanding how we can contribute to other people’s knowledge by creating credible information of our own. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at these issues in some detail.  This week we begin that exploration by looking at one particular concept and teasing out a number of different and difficult questions that arise once we begin to explore it.  That concept is the notion of ‘truth’.

During the course of the session we will be looking at some difficult questions and interesting links (links below will be available in or after class) and attempting to find some satisfactory if not definitive answers – this will lead on to our discussions around the concepts of ontology and epistemology.  Prepare to have a pleasantly aching brain by the end of the class 🙂

The following links will be available either during or after the class :


For next week  – I would like you to try to answer the following questions on your blog please:

  1. What is ontology? How is it relevant to research?
  2. What is epistemology? How is it relevant to research?
  3. What is the connection between ontology and epistemology in a research context?

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