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Intellectual Property

Today is our last class and today I want to touch briefly on Intellectual Property and Copyright as they might apply to your project as you need to consider this in the proposal you create.

For most of you, copyright will not be an issue, but it is useful to have an understanding of why we ask you to include a statement about it in your proposal and to know where to go for further information.   Last year, Tetsuya posted on the implications for software development in his blog  and included a useful link too.  If you are going to be writing code in your project – check it out!

if you are wanting to know more you might want to check out the following links:

What is IP in NZ? 

What does IP have to do with me 

What is Copyright in NZ? 

What is Copyleft?

Creative Commons in NZ 


Most of the class today though is for you to work on your proposal assignment while I am there to answer any questions or to offer advice on what you are doing.  From past experience I know that the area that is most difficult for many of you are deciding on the activities and therefore on the project plan.  I may talk about this too if you would like to know more.


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